Amy is incredible at her job!

Amy is incredible at her job! I had some issues for years that I just thought that was how my body works and I just had to deal with them. I spoke with a therapist who told me about these things and that pelvic physical therapy could help me. She gave me a list of names and by fate I picked Amy to call and get an appointment with. I was so nervous due to the intimate nature of her line of work, but from the moment I talked on the phone and I told her what was going on she told me I was normal and that she could help me. I cried because I thought I’d be stuck with this issue forever and to her I was normal and there was hope lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Amy was patient with me, she explained everything going on with my body thoroughly and clearly explained the steps we’d need to take for me to move past it. The best part is she remembered details of my life and always asked about things, she truly cares about her clients, and she was genuinely was excited when I reached goals in our sessions. She doesn’t do what she does just to make money or just go to work everyday. She’s in this truly to help people improve their quality of life. I highly recommend Amy to anyone in need of her type of services!