Best PT Experience

Restore Your Core has been the best PT experience I’ve ever had! The Physical Therapists are exceptional AND exceptionally knowledgeable. Not only that, I’ve never been treated with such personable, warm and friendly Therapists before. I worked with 2 Physical Therapists and they both put me at ease the very first day. This is about who they are, not just the treatment they provide.

Does their therapy work? YES! Do they make you FEEL confident you will get better? You bet! And I did get better. The thing is, I’ve been to PT where I’ve FELT like a number. But, not here at Restore Your Core. Why?–They LISTEN. They understand. And they ENCOURAGE. And we laugh, which always helps relax me.

Each week when I’d visit them they would listen, reassure and apply their physical treatments which would continually and consistently improve my condition week after week after week.

Having had 2 hip arthroscopy surgerys with labral tears and all the pain and tightness along with it, I was desperate for relief by the time I found Restore Your Core. They were correct in their assessment that all my pain was coming from my pelvic floor. They knew exactly how to treat it. The results have been a blessing to see.

The out-of-Network treatment they provide far surpasses any in-network PT I’ve been to throughout the years. I’m so happy with the decision I made to work with them!