I am a 76 year old patient of Amy Robinson

I am a 76 year old patient of Amy Robinson, the very best Physical Therapy Specialist in the Indianapolis Area! I have been to Physical Therapy 5 times in my life, the first 2 times being (unfortunately) with large PT groups, not with Amy. I was pretty unimpressed, as, after assessing the problem, the main treatment I had consisted of returning for appointments, being asked to demonstrate the exercises I had been given, and then pretty much ignored. In a large practice, if there is a shortage of staff, you often get palmed off on to a PT assistant or the Physical Therapist has several patients they are seeing during the same appointment time.

Amy is not only the most knowledgeable Physical Therapist I have ever known or heard of—she was always constantly increasing her knowledge via seminars and other educational opportunities — she now has earned a clinical doctorate in PT! Amy is always kind and she always actually listens to what you have to say — she values your input on your problem. Amy is constantly reassessing your condition during every appointment with her and adjusting your treatment as necessary. When you have an appointment with Amy, you have her undivided attention (certainly not true in large practices). Amy has helped me every time I have needed PT in the last 12 years. It may take a little longer to get an appointment with her than with a PT in a large practice, but it is definitely worth it! In addition to prescribing exercises and stretching, Amy has treated me with completely painless manipulation. At least twice, I have walked in with a problem and walked out after one session with the problem relieved. I now that can’t happen with all problems, but it has been amazing that it has happened twice for me.

No one wants to have any problem requiring Physical Therapy treatment, but if and when I again need it, I would go to no other Physical Therapist! I will be calling Amy!