Words cannot really describe the gratefulness that I have for Amy.

For the past 6-7 years, I have been dealing with hip pain that gradually became worse every year. Eventually, the hip pain was joined by back pain, pelvic instability and pelvic floor dysfunction. After each of my 3 pregnancies, I was referred to Amy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I “finally” realized and accepted that could not fix these things on my own that I finally contacted Amy. Since my first appointment with Amy in April of 2014, the only regret that I have is that I didn’t contact her several years earlier.

Working with Amy has given me the opportunity to live my life without extreme pain daily and/or worrying about bladder leakage. Amy’s expertise, expansive knowledge, ability to think out of the box, guidance, support, recommendations and referrals to other specialists, led us on to figuring out another reason for my pain. After x-rays and meeting with a neurosurgeon, I was told that I have spondylothesis. This condition many times leads to surgery in hopes of alleviating pain. However, fortunately Amy has continued to work with me and I have continued to improve my strength and stability, which has resulted in me being able to live with almost no pain and less concern about bladder leakage. I continue to feel stronger every day and have been able to begin living the active life that I want to live.

I have met with several physical therapists through the years for a variety of surgeries and conditions. However, none of them compare to Amy. She is without a doubt exceptional and above the rest. Amy had gone above and beyond to find the root of my problems, help me feel better and get “myself” back! Her passion for what she does is evident during every visit. It was the first time to a physical therapist to really individualize treatment just for me. Amy is very personable and works with incredible compassion, empathy, gentleness (yet, tough when necessary) and had the ability to educate along the way.

Quite honestly, words cannot really describe the respect, appreciation and gratefulness that I have for Amy as a person and physical therapist. I would without a doubt and will continue to recommend Amy to anyone that is in need of a physical therapist and/or specialized physical therapy.