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Why Choose Restore Your Core PT

Carmel & Greenwood Pelvic Physical Therapy

  • Our approach to evaluation and treatment is patient centered, integrated, and holistic
    • We look at your body as a whole, not parts, because your body functions as a whole
    • We are very interested in and listen to your past dysfunctions/injuries as they are often linked to your current dysfunction/injury
    • Your progress will be reassessed at every visit
  • Your session will be one-on-one with the same licensed physical therapist every session
    • We do not employ therapy aids or assistants
  • You will participate in a 50-75 minute initial evaluation (time is dependent upon the complexity of your case) that allows for an adequate history review, thorough evaluation, and initiation of treatment during your first visit
  • Treatment plans will be individualized to you based on your goals which will allow you to improve your function
  • You will be provided with a customized home exercise program to allow you to meet your goals
    • You will be educated on how to perform all exercises, stretches, and self-care manual therapy techniques
    • Your home program will be reviewed and updated each session
    • You will always perform your home program in a private room with the same therapist
  • Extensive expertise and experience
    • Amy is a Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner which identifies her as an expert in her field
  • The therapists have extensive experience in patient care, practice management, and program development which allows for efficient care and ongoing communication with your other healthcare providers
  • Private, comfortable spa-like space that lends to relaxation and healing
    • We provide luxurious sheets & blankets, play soothing music, and use ambient lighting
    • We offer tea or water while you wait in the lounge or café
  • We are very respectful of your time and commitments and we make every effort to start your sessions on time. We are rarely late.
  • We treat conditions often overlooked by traditional physical therapy clinics:
    • Pelvic Pain Conditions
    • Urinary Dysfunction
    • Bowel Dysfunction
    • Sexual Dysfunction
    • Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Prenatal & Postpartum Dysfunction

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