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Full Job Description

Looking for an amazing opportunity to join a well-established cash-based pelvic health physical therapy practice?  We are looking for our next rock star team member!  We provide ninety-minute evaluations and fifty-minute treatment sessions focusing on patient needs (not insurance hassles) in a fun-loving pelvic health practice.

Please be sure to read the full essential list of who this job is FOR and NOT FOR prior to applying. 

This job is NOT for:

  • Someone who thinks pelvic floor PT is only about the pelvic floor
  • Someone who thinks pelvic floor PT is all about Kegels, Kegels, and more Kegel exercises
  • Someone who doesn’t believe in or find value in manual therapy
  • Someone who is not passionate about continuing education and furthering their knowledge as a pelvic PT
  • Someone who does not enjoy collaborating and learning from other pelvic PTs to better themselves as clinicians
  • Someone who believes that 1-2 hour PT sessions are unnecessary
  • Someone who prefers that patient care be dictated by an insurance company
  • Someone who believes that the use of many modalities (biofeedback, e-stim, heat/cold packs, etc.) are necessary each session for patients to progress
  • Someone who does not believe in or does not want to learn more about pain science
  • Someone who does not want to push the boundaries of what is considered routine pelvic floor rehab/exercise

The job is FOR:

  • Someone who is excited to join a thriving, well-known pelvic health team 
  • Someone who loves to continue their education and learn more to better serve their patients
  • Someone who strives to always do their best personally and professionally
  • Someone who feels strongly that full body evaluation and treatment is necessary to fully address pelvic health issues
  • Someone who believes that an internal assessment (vaginal & rectal) is a critical component of our examination process
  • Someone who believes that patients deserve one on one care with a highly trained pelvic PT
  • Someone who is excited to spend 1-2 hours per session providing the most optimal care for every patient 
  • Someone who LOVES to utilize manual therapy
  • Someone who hates the use of many different types of modalities (biofeedback, e-stim, ice/heat, etc.) every session
  • Someone who enjoys participating in or leading community educational events
  • Someone who values a lifelong relationship with clients and who can provide pelvic health PT across the lifespan 
  • Someone who thrives on safely pushing the boundaries of routine pelvic floor rehab in order to better serve our patients and get the best outcomes possible
  • Someone who is working toward a clinical specialty

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Able to perform all duties of a pelvic floor physical therapist utilizing a whole-body approach to evaluation and treatment including internal assessment and treatment for men and women.  
  • Demonstrates higher level assessment and critical thinking
  • Able to educate patients about the importance of sleep hygiene, diet, stress management, and the importance of movement.
  • Able to adapt evaluation and treatment appropriately based on the cultural background and age of patient
  • Participation in marketing events with physicians and other practitioners
  • Participation in Restore Your Core PT patient-centered educational sessions (FB live, IG live, FB groups, etc.)
  • Completes assigned tasks and projects in a timely manner


  • Competitive salary based on experience as a pelvic PT  
  • $1000.00/year continuing education


  • Graduate of APTA approved curriculum
  • Must be licensed in physical therapy to practice in the state of Indiana or be eligible to obtain your license  
  • The ideal candidate has 1-2 years of pelvic health and orthopedic PT experience  
  • Herman & Wallace, APTA or equivalent pelvic health introductory courses required
  • Someone who has experience with and enjoys manual therapy 
  • Someone who is friendly, confident, and positive and easily connects with people

Please send your resume with a cover letter to amy@restoreyourcorept.com explaining your interest in pelvic health physical therapy with the subject line – I want to be RYC PTs next Rockstar PT!