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A huge shout out

A huge shout out to Amy for helping me over a physical and mental hurdle that I have been trying to overcome now for over four years. From a biking incident and not knowing where to turn I am super happy that I was able to find Amy and very thankful for how well educated and trained she was on the male pelvic floor and body.

Amy does an excellent job creating a comforting atmosphere for dealing with issues that are very delicate.

I had struggled with premature ejaculation for a year after my wife had our first child which I could not explain.  I read all the recommended books, had done all the suggested exercises, and sought help from a few sex therapists with none of them making much of a difference.  When I was referred to Amy I initially had my doubts since nothing else had worked.  But due to the importance of the issue I made sure I put full effort into working with Amy and following her guidelines.  Within a few months I was beginning to see some improvement.  By the time I had completed my therapy with Amy, I was no longer experiencing any issues.  She does an excellent job creating a comforting atmosphere for dealing with issues that are very delicate and can be very embarrassing.  I never felt ashamed speaking openly with her and appreciated her charisma and optimism

Amy guided me on the path continuous improvements.

Amy guided me on the path of continuous improvements of my incontinence issues related to my prostectomy surgery 12 years ago. Amy is very acute to assessing minor details of my physical mechanics which helped me break habits which were detrimental to my condition. I was released after only seven sessions and I am on the path to a better quality of life thanks to her excellent care. Amy is a very caring and professional therapist which I am so glad to have been in her care.

Amy has been a godsent to me

Amy has been a godsent to me over the years. I didn’t think I would ever make my way back from all my pelvic pain issues, but I have due in a large part to Amy and her magic hands! And it’s not just the physical therapy that makes Amy so wonderful, it’s the way she treats the whole patient and talks you through the issues. I’ve been to other physical therapy places and it just doesn’t compare. I really can’t thank Amy enough for all the great care she has given me.


Amy has exceeded my expectations of a physical therapist on every count

During the 10 years I have been treated by Amy Robinson, she has exceeded my expectations of a physical therapist on every count. She has not only successfully treated injuries occurred from my 34 years of nursing but has taught me how to continue to maintain a strong core and ward off future problems. I have been successfully treated for post-operative foot surgeries, hip issues, back surgery, and even urinary incontinence. Amy‘s knowledge and certifications exceed the average physical therapist. She has and I am assured will continue to practice with an exceptional degree of excellence. From my experience with other therapists, I can honestly say I consider Amy Robinson the very best in her field of practice.

Robin, Nurse Practitioner

Amy is incredible at her job!

Amy is incredible at her job! I had some issues for years that I just thought that was how my body works and I just had to deal with them. I spoke with a therapist who told me about these things and that pelvic physical therapy could help me. She gave me a list of names and by fate I picked Amy to call and get an appointment with. I was so nervous due to the intimate nature of her line of work, but from the moment I talked on the phone and I told her what was going on she told me I was normal and that she could help me. I cried because I thought I’d be stuck with this issue forever and to her I was normal and there was hope lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Amy was patient with me, she explained everything going on with my body thoroughly and clearly explained the steps we’d need to take for me to move past it. The best part is she remembered details of my life and always asked about things, she truly cares about her clients, and she was genuinely was excited when I reached goals in our sessions. She doesn’t do what she does just to make money or just go to work everyday. She’s in this truly to help people improve their quality of life. I highly recommend Amy to anyone in need of her type of services!

Amy is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have ever worked with

Amy is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have ever worked with. She genuinely loves helping to improve the quality of life of her clients.


Amy is passionate about core therapy and helping her patients achieve their goals.

I’m a 38-year old male that was experiencing recurring prostatitis over past 7-8 years. When I would get a flare up it was uncomfortable to sit for an extended time and I would have overall discomfort in the lower pelvis. When a flare-up would occur I’d contact my urologist and each time I’d get a round of antibiotics that would ultimately solve the issue. After several visits to the urologist and annual follow-ups, the urologist referred me to Restore Your Core. The urologist thought perhaps some of my habits were contributing to flare-ups.

I was apprehensive about treatment as many men are. I work out 3-5 times per week and consider myself pretty fit and active so I felt I had a pretty good handle on my body. After my first appointment it became clear I carry all of my stress and anxiety in my core. The combination of carrying stress in my core, my job requiring sitting for extended periods, and a lengthy commute to/from work were all factors in contributing to my recurrence.

My goal from day one was to build a toolbox of things I could do or be conscious of to minimize the chances of a flareup. Amy Robbinson at Restore Your Core does an excellent job of asking lots of questions to understand what could be causing the issue. She is passionate about core therapy and helping her patients achieve their goals. After several visits to Restore Your Core I’ve become more knowledgeable about my body and what was causing the flare-ups for me. I’ve amassed techniques to minimize the occurrence of flare-ups and I’m overall more aware of my triggers and how to minimize them. Amy’s passion for her work is clear and this translates to her being a great therapist and teacher who cares greatly about her clients and helping them achieve their goals. I’m happy to say I’ve gone over a year now with no flare up thanks to what I learned from Amy at Restore Your Core.

Amy is professional, personable and has the grace to handle this delicate issue.

I came to Amy Robinson at restore your core for help with the dreaded……

I am a 50 year old woman who is very active and I had just gotten absolutely fed up with feeling like I can no longer take part in certain activities for fear I’d leak urine. Not only that, but a sneeze, a cough, or good laugh had the same result as jumping up and down, and don’t even ask about when I was sick with the flu and throwing up……not pretty !!!!

With a background in surgery, I am all for going under the knife and fixing the problem. Unfortunately, for this particular problem, I was afraid the cure would be worse than the “disease”. So when my nurse practitioner suggested I give Amy a try, I reluctantly agreed (and I say reluctantly because I had her number for probably 3 or 4 months before calling her, just because). Let me tell you, don’t wait – the sooner you get started, the sooner you can stop leaking !!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather this be easily fixable by surgery so I would not have to work at it, (lol, right ?!!) and…..you will have to work at it. But, Amy’s method of peeling the layers back to find out what is actually causing the problem and then starting from there to build the strength, timing and reaction of your pelvic floor can lead you to a dryer existence !!!

Amy is professional, personable and has the grace to handle this delicate issue. She understands the resistance to want to discuss the problem let alone ask for assistance and she instantly put me at ease with the situation. She has the experience and knowledge to explain what is going on with your body and works at your pace and level of progress to help you resolve the issue. I can’t say enough good things about Amy and her practice. If you are on the fence about whether to give this a try, I tell you from experience, it will help !!!!
Cathy A.

Amy is the best physical therapist I have been to.

Amy is the best physical therapist I have been to. I sought her out due to some complication I had after a hysterectomy. I was in an emotionally difficult place and originally thought I needed counseling. I came across pelvic therapy during my research, which I had never thought of before. Her physical work with me is exactly what I needed to get back to normal, building my confidence at the same time. Not only that, but she did amazing work on my back, helping alleviate back pain that I have had for years and no other physical therapist had ever been able to help. If you are unsure because of the cost, do not hesitate- she is worth every penny.

Amy is the only Women’s Health Therapist that I trust!

Amy is the only Women’s Health Therapist that I trust!

She is an exceptional provider, always ensuring her patients are understood and comfortable prior to any treatment. Having seen Amy myself, I knew when my daughter needed to see a women’s health therapist that she would see Amy. I traveled an hour to ensure my daughter received the best care by a compassionate therapist.

At fifteen, we received the news that my daughter needed a hymenectomy and physical therapy after the procedure. My daughter was very nervous for her appointment. Prior to the exam. Amy had an open conversation with my daughter about her worries & advised her what to expect during the exam. Amy was able to connect with my daughter & help her understand the importance of maintenance after her procedure.

Amy was patient & explained all details during the exam which put my daughter at ease. As we left the appointment, my daughter thanked me for taking her to Amy. Amy made an uncomfortable situation very comfortable for my daughter. I would never see anyone else for a women’s health issue! Amy is AMAZING!

Amy Robinson’s service is unbeatable!

Amy Robinson’s service is unbeatable! Not only was she able to dispel my pain during sex she also did it in a timely and affordable fashion. She is very caring and compassionate! All around a great person. Her doctors notes were discreet enough to give to my teachers and she able to work with my crazy schedule! I would recommend her to anyone having pain during intercourse.

My boyfriend came to almost every appointment with me and she always included him in the treatment process! He felt very comfortable working with her and asking questions. Being a young couple we had a lot of questions!

Amazing, affordable, and effective care.

Amy was different. Her approach to helping me was completely different from my last PT.

After years of struggling to cope with the ‘nameless’ abdominal pain for almost a decade, I finally was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in the summer of 2015. Finally having a name for what was happening in my body was a relief, but the medications and very restrictive diet were a challenge. I lost 10 lbs (which is a lot for a 5’2″ 120lbs female), my hair began to fall out from Elmiron, my strength began to weaken and so did my self-esteem. On top of it all, my pain was still there and becoming more frequent. I started doing research since this wasn’t working. I went to new doctors, a herbalist, a nutritionist, a chiropractor, and even a holistic doctor with no success. One of the doctors suggested this PT (which I won’t name), so I decided to try it.  My first PT experience was miserable. She was very nice, but I left there in more pain than when I showed up for my appointment. About 6 months into PT (10 months after being diagnosed with IC), I went on full medical leave from my career. After a year of no results from PT, I had lost all hope. She told me that she couldn’t do anything more for me. That was a hard day. She gave me the name to Amy Robinson as another PT. I was so reluctant to reach out to Amy since I had no success prior. I felt like I had wasted countless hours and dollars for no results. I felt like I was going to be this way for the rest of my life. It took a huge strain on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was affecting my marriage, as my husband became my caretaker. After weeks of debating, I finally decided to make an appointment with Amy. I told my husband that I was only going to this ONE appointment so I wouldn’t be able to say “what if I went and I felt better?”. I expected it to be a waste of my time and money (just like the last one). But Amy was different. Her approach to helping me was completely different from my last PT. I left the appointment with a small shred of hope. After a few weeks of PT, I was starting to do better. After 2 months, I was able to have sex pain free. After 4 months, I started working part time with animals to get me out of the house a few days a week. This past Thanksgiving (2017), I looked back at how miserable I was last year compared to how I’m more independent this year. I’m by no means my old self. I still have bad pain days, but I have tools from Amy that help me manage my condition. I’ll always have IC, but I’m able to start living with it thanks to Amy. 

Best PT Experience

Restore Your Core has been the best PT experience I’ve ever had! The Physical Therapists are exceptional AND exceptionally knowledgeable. Not only that, I’ve never been treated with such personable, warm and friendly Therapists before. I worked with 2 Physical Therapists and they both put me at ease the very first day. This is about who they are, not just the treatment they provide.

Does their therapy work? YES! Do they make you FEEL confident you will get better? You bet! And I did get better. The thing is, I’ve been to PT where I’ve FELT like a number. But, not here at Restore Your Core. Why?–They LISTEN. They understand. And they ENCOURAGE. And we laugh, which always helps relax me.

Each week when I’d visit them they would listen, reassure and apply their physical treatments which would continually and consistently improve my condition week after week after week.

Having had 2 hip arthroscopy surgerys with labral tears and all the pain and tightness along with it, I was desperate for relief by the time I found Restore Your Core. They were correct in their assessment that all my pain was coming from my pelvic floor. They knew exactly how to treat it. The results have been a blessing to see.

The out-of-Network treatment they provide far surpasses any in-network PT I’ve been to throughout the years. I’m so happy with the decision I made to work with them!

Five months later, happy to report that significant progress was made. She has released me.

After an agonizing 5 month search for help/answers, I was referred to Amy for an ED related problem. Had never heard of a “pelvic PT”. Never bothered to google it either. I was willing to try anything. Discussing sexual issues is not easy. But not so with Amy. She has an amazing personality that exudes warmth, confidence, and trust. And she laughs at my attempts at humor. And in her experience, knowledge and passion – Priceless! Five months later, happy to report that significant progress was made. She has released me. Onward and upward. Thank you Amy!


From the first call to my last session

From the first call to my last session, working with Amy was like going through a perfectly choreographed event. She was beyond thorough in her initial consult and addressed every single concern I had as a new mom with a body that felt out of place. She not only provided great care during the in office sessions, but also took time to educate me on core functionality. She gave me the tools I needed so I could work out with confidence and help my core and pelvic muscles fully repair. I can honestly say these sessions were life changing.

I am a 76 year old patient of Amy Robinson

I am a 76 year old patient of Amy Robinson, the very best Physical Therapy Specialist in the Indianapolis Area! I have been to Physical Therapy 5 times in my life, the first 2 times being (unfortunately) with large PT groups, not with Amy. I was pretty unimpressed, as, after assessing the problem, the main treatment I had consisted of returning for appointments, being asked to demonstrate the exercises I had been given, and then pretty much ignored. In a large practice, if there is a shortage of staff, you often get palmed off on to a PT assistant or the Physical Therapist has several patients they are seeing during the same appointment time.

Amy is not only the most knowledgeable Physical Therapist I have ever known or heard of—she was always constantly increasing her knowledge via seminars and other educational opportunities — she now has earned a clinical doctorate in PT! Amy is always kind and she always actually listens to what you have to say — she values your input on your problem. Amy is constantly reassessing your condition during every appointment with her and adjusting your treatment as necessary. When you have an appointment with Amy, you have her undivided attention (certainly not true in large practices). Amy has helped me every time I have needed PT in the last 12 years. It may take a little longer to get an appointment with her than with a PT in a large practice, but it is definitely worth it! In addition to prescribing exercises and stretching, Amy has treated me with completely painless manipulation. At least twice, I have walked in with a problem and walked out after one session with the problem relieved. I now that can’t happen with all problems, but it has been amazing that it has happened twice for me.

No one wants to have any problem requiring Physical Therapy treatment, but if and when I again need it, I would go to no other Physical Therapist! I will be calling Amy!

I had a hip athroscopy

I had a hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum and fix a hip impingement. I was engaged in rehab for about 3-4 months and everything was going well – no more pain which was awesome after living for months with pain! After those four months, I started having lower back pain (different than what it was like before) and tailbone pain. At first it started occasionally and through rehab it was able to go away, but over the course of a few weeks it became an ongoing every day pain where no relief was available.

I was referred to a chiropractor and then to a spine specialist. What I learned is that years ago, I had broken my tailbone (without knowing) and the pain was because of it being dislocated. Pain became once again a part of my life – not being able to walk, nor able to stand or sit for more than 10 minutes.

I think that having gone through a situation of ongoing pain once before, then having that remedied with surgery, then back to the painful life made things hard both physically and emotionally for me. I was not having any relief and the options that were suggested involved injections and possibly surgery. Luckily my PT suggested that seeing a pelvic physical therapist might help and explained to me what that is. I honestly wasn’t too keen on the idea, but at that point I was in pain and I would have done anything! Amy Robinson was one of the therapists suggested to me by my hip surgeon’s office, so I immediately started searching the internet and found Restore Your Core. While it was almost 45 minutes from where I live and work, I found reassurance in that her website and Facebook page was up to date and had articles or testimonials that were close to what I went through.

I called Amy’s office and heard back from her that same day. She was so kind and understanding, as well as willing to get me in as soon as possible. I believe it was only after a few sessions (maybe two weeks) that I found some relief from pain – which was awesome! After working with her further,  found myself back to a point of no pain. She was kind and knowledgeable and completing comforting, especially for what type of physical therapy she was doing.

Not only was she able to help with the physicality part, but she was also a counselor of sorts. Helping me to understand what was going on with my body, when not really anyone else could. She gave me advice on what I could do to help, exercises to do at home, and also helped me emotionally though this process of having hope when the pain is so overwhelming.

I would definitely recommend seeing her if this is the place that you are in your life. I actually carry her business cards in my wallet, so that I can pass them on to anyone I might see or meet in the same situation I was. She can help you get back to where you were before and share her knowledge so that you can live a pain-free life. She is a rock star in my eyes! Thank you Amy!


I have gone from being one of the most severe cases she has seen to having a bowel movement every day along with a properly functioning core.

I highly recommend Amy Robinson. She provides me the care I need with kindness and professionalism and the ability to handle delicate situations superbly well. Equally important, all of my appointments have been on time with no waiting.

I began seeing Amy because I was unable to have a bowel movement without external assistance. The stress and fear I felt every day, wondering if I could have a bowel movement, was awful. I lived with this condition for over 5 years and then I started seeing Amy. I am amazed at the things she can do to the human body to make it work correctly. She also made it a partnership and gave me exercises and stretches I could do to help my situation.
I have gone from being one of the most severe cases she has seen to having a bowel movement every day along with a properly functioning core. I am thrilled and grateful beyond measure. Amy Robinson has changed my life.
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.


I have had nothing but positive results

I have had nothing but positive results with Restore Your Core. Amy is extremely good at what she does. She is skillful, knowledgeable, informative, thorough and compassionate. I highly recommend Restore Your Core.


I have utmost confidence that she will offer cutting edge therapies and approaches to our patients.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Amy first as a patient, then as a wonderful friend, and also as a fellow health care professional.  In the years that I have worked with and known Amy, it is very clear that she is passionate about her work as a specialized physical therapist, always striving to further her knowledge and techniques to better herself and serve her patients more thoroughly.  She has excellent knowledge of the human body and continues to expand her practices and techniques to better assist in the care of her patients.  Having been a patient of hers, I know her practices are powerful and effective.  As a referring provider, I have utmost confidence that she will offer cutting edge therapies and approaches to our patients.  I am a firm believer that healthcare and wellness needs to be well-rounded and multi-faceted, as all patients each have their own unique set of issues, and Amy provides an excellent multi-modal approach through her Physical Therapy practice.  

Julie, Physician Assistant, Surgical Services

I was extremely impressed with Amy!

I was extremely impressed with Amy! She was very professional and made me feel super comfortable the whole time. She described everything to me during my consultation and procedure and tole me what was going on every step of the way to make sure I was okay. I would 100% recommend anyone to Amy who is struggling and in need of an amazing physical therapist.

In my opinion, Amy is the best and worth waiting for.
I am 75 years old and for the past year and a half have had trouble with both my hips. Driven by physician referral and insurance demands I received treatment at two different physical therapy locations with limited success. Finally, I went to see Amy for treatment. With her analysis, alignment and exercises, I got to feeling immensely better in a few short weeks. In the past 20 years Amy has successfully treated me for neck, back, knee, shoulder and elbow issues. In my opinion, she is the best and worth waiting for.
My doctor asked me to go and see Amy Robinson

My doctor asked me to go and see Amy Robinson back in November of 2018. I had had UTI’s for over a year. I had not felt well for a very long time.

I was impressed with Amy from the beginning. She is very professional, but so very kind. She wanted to get to the root of the problem. She asked a lot of questions that I had no idea had anything to do with my infections.

It was like going to school every time I went to see her, I learned so much!

She gave me exercises to do and as I did them I could tell my body was changing and getting stronger. It has been over 6 months and I have not had any infections.

I could tell that Amy is the kind of person who wants to help people. She wants to help in the most natural way. Not with medicines or surgeries. That was so refreshing. She wants to educate you about your body and all the things that we can do to make out bodies work in the right way.

I feel so blessed to have found her!

My experience with Amy was life changing…

My experience with Amy was life changing and I am so grateful for finding her. My words will not do her justice in expressing the impact her work has had on my quality of life. When I walked into Amy’s office, I felt broken and hopeless. I had been to multiple healthcare providers and been told I was fine, or when they tried to help, the education and expertise was not there to do so. By the time I found Amy, I was in pain and afraid to move or even hold my new baby. This was devastating given that I used to be extremely active and participated in Tabata classes and half marathons. Through the course of the year, Amy worked on my strength and confidence. She helped me through my highs and really low lows that I hope I never have to return to. I am now back to an active lifestyle with smart modifications and in no pain. Amy gave me the tools to understand my body and movement. I summited a mountain out west last week and I am training (slowly as Amy would sternly instruct me) for a sprint triathlon. If you are struggling with any back or pelvic issues postpartum, Amy is worth her weight in gold.

The test for a great PT, in my opinion, is one who looks at the whole patient, is able to help you push through the tough times and plateaus

I was referred to Amy last year by my OB/GYN after discovering that I had a prolapse.  I had never heard of this type of PT working on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and was warned that it was different.  I wanted to ward off surgery, so I was game to try it. 

It was a little weird, but I quickly learned that Amy was sensitive to the nature of this type of therapy and also saw other factors that contributed to my prolapse. 

I had been to PT before and never felt like I had made any progress or that the PT got me and my problems.  2.5 years ago, I had surgery for a herniated disc in my low back.  Due to overall weakness and compensating for my pain, I basically caused a prolapse of my bowel, bladder and uterus.  Over 8 weeks, Amy helped reduce things I was doing to make my prolapse worse and strengthen my pelvic floor.  She also recognized my need to strengthen my core.  I returned for another 8 weeks of therapy to work on my core and low back problems.  She gave me 3 sets of exercises and stretches to use depending on how I feel on a given day to help with pain and straightening my core.

The test for a great PT, in my opinion, is one who looks at the whole patient, is able to help you push through the tough times and plateaus, and gives the tools for continued improvement on your own after therapy ends.  Amy has all of those skills and then some.


Without Amy’s intervention, I would still be trapped in anxiety, frustration, disappointment, and pain.

Before coming to physical therapy, I was miserable in my sex life. My husband (Matt) and I had just married, and both of us were virgins. Our first attempt at sex was unsuccessful because of the sharp pain I experienced when he tried to penetrate. We were disappointed, but we figured it would get better as we became adjusted to each other. However, things got worse. Every time Matt tried to penetrate, I experienced horrible pain that left me feeling nauseous. I became afraid of having sex because of the pain and had difficulty feeling aroused. Three months later, Matt was still unable to penetrate, and I was left with anxiety, crushing disappointment, dread of sex, and immense frustration at our failure. I did not feel like a “real” wife or a married couple. Sex was supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but this was painful and awful! Was I the only woman this was happening to?

 When I started seeing Amy for physical therapy, I was apprehensive and defeated. I felt like I was never going to be able to have sex or enjoy it. Amy immediately put my mind to ease. She explained why I was having trouble and described how we were going to work on it. She was excellent to work with and helped me relax. After several sessions, I began making progress. Matt and I worked diligently at home with the dilators, and while we refrained from penetration throughout the course of treatment, I started to have hope. The exercises were working! When it came time to attempt penetration, I was amazed by the progress I had made. Matt was able to penetrate with little pain! As we continued to practice, penetration became virtually pain-free. The biggest sign of our success was when we were able to have spontaneous sex instead of having to plan it out like a practice session. I was ecstatic that we could finally be intimate with each other! Physical therapy has made all the difference. Without Amy’s intervention, I would still be trapped in anxiety, frustration, disappointment, and pain. Thank you, Amy!
Amy will meet and exceed your expectations without a doubt.

My name is Elizabeth and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have had the pleasure of knowing Amy on a personal basis and also having been treated by her for several different issues over the last several years. She is a very talented Physical Therapist and God has gifted her abundantly. I strongly recommend Amy as she is not only a compassionate, caring provider but also because she is highly specialized in the care she provides as a Physical Therapist. She is constantly learning and continually educates herself to advance her exemplary skills to better her practice and further her knowledge base for the patients she serves, providing high quality, specialized care as she is committed to excellence. If you book an appointment with Amy Robinson, she will meet and exceed your expectations without a doubt.

– Elizabeth, Nurse Practitioner

Amy saved my quality of life!

Amy saved my quality of life! I first experienced symptoms of pelvic pain when I was 24. I searched everywhere for help. Doctors, physical therapists, message therapists, and hundreds of online message boards, I went to them all. I suffered mentally and physically every day for about 2 years. When my hope that I would recover from this condition was pretty much gone, I attended the Wise-Anderson 6-day treatment clinic in California. They promote Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Relaxation. They physical therapist I was seeing at the time did not know anything about this type of therapy. That was when I found Amy who was familiar and supported the theories that I had learned in the clinic. Amy’s knowledge and passion for her work is what makes her exceptional and in my opinion, everyone in the physical therapy field should take notes from her. My symptoms began to reduce significantly after a month or two in therapy with Amy and eventually were non-existent. I’ve been pain free for about 5 years now.


I was impressed with Amy from day one!

My gynecologist recommended that I see Amy after the birth of my daughter because of ongoing pelvic pain. I was having spasms in my pelvic area, which were painful, and affecting my daily life. I was impressed with Amy from day one! She was extremely professional. She put me at ease and did a wonderful job of describing what the problem was and what the treatment was going to consist of. The exercises she gave me to do at home were easy to understand. Her treatment was effective and I was amazed at how quickly I felt results and my pain subsided. Amy is an extremely skilled therapist whom I highly recommend.


Words cannot really describe the gratefulness that I have for Amy.

For the past 6-7 years, I have been dealing with hip pain that gradually became worse every year. Eventually, the hip pain was joined by back pain, pelvic instability and pelvic floor dysfunction. After each of my 3 pregnancies, I was referred to Amy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I “finally” realized and accepted that could not fix these things on my own that I finally contacted Amy. Since my first appointment with Amy in April of 2014, the only regret that I have is that I didn’t contact her several years earlier.

Working with Amy has given me the opportunity to live my life without extreme pain daily and/or worrying about bladder leakage. Amy’s expertise, expansive knowledge, ability to think out of the box, guidance, support, recommendations and referrals to other specialists, led us on to figuring out another reason for my pain. After x-rays and meeting with a neurosurgeon, I was told that I have spondylothesis. This condition many times leads to surgery in hopes of alleviating pain. However, fortunately Amy has continued to work with me and I have continued to improve my strength and stability, which has resulted in me being able to live with almost no pain and less concern about bladder leakage. I continue to feel stronger every day and have been able to begin living the active life that I want to live.

I have met with several physical therapists through the years for a variety of surgeries and conditions. However, none of them compare to Amy. She is without a doubt exceptional and above the rest. Amy had gone above and beyond to find the root of my problems, help me feel better and get “myself” back! Her passion for what she does is evident during every visit. It was the first time to a physical therapist to really individualize treatment just for me. Amy is very personable and works with incredible compassion, empathy, gentleness (yet, tough when necessary) and had the ability to educate along the way.

Quite honestly, words cannot really describe the respect, appreciation and gratefulness that I have for Amy as a person and physical therapist. I would without a doubt and will continue to recommend Amy to anyone that is in need of a physical therapist and/or specialized physical therapy.