Amy saved my quality of life!

Amy saved my quality of life! I first experienced symptoms of pelvic pain when I was 24. I searched everywhere for help. Doctors, physical therapists, message therapists, and hundreds of online message boards, I went to them all. I suffered mentally and physically every day for about 2 years. When my hope that I would recover from this condition was pretty much gone, I attended the Wise-Anderson 6-day treatment clinic in California. They promote Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Relaxation. They physical therapist I was seeing at the time did not know anything about this type of therapy. That was when I found Amy who was familiar and supported the theories that I had learned in the clinic. Amy’s knowledge and passion for her work is what makes her exceptional and in my opinion, everyone in the physical therapy field should take notes from her. My symptoms began to reduce significantly after a month or two in therapy with Amy and eventually were non-existent. I’ve been pain free for about 5 years now.