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Amy Robinson, PT, DPT, PRPC, CLT, WHNC

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Dr. Amy Robinson’s patients often state that they have never had any other practitioner take such a thorough history review or evaluate them utilizing such a holistic approach.  They voice that they are happy she searches for the root cause of their pain or dysfunction. Patients also commonly thank her for being approachable, respectful, easy to talk to, and for making them feel comfortable during their therapy sessions.  Amy strongly believes that patients deserve a professional, safe, and nurturing environment that allows them the time to share their stories, explain their concerns and fears, and improve their quality of life by working together as a team.

Dr. Robinson is the owner and founder of Restore Your Core Physical Therapy.  After creating and growing two other pelvic health practices in Indianapolis and working in the insurance-driven environment for twenty years, Amy saw the tremendous need for high-quality, individualized hands-on physical therapy services.  Restore Your Core Physical Therapy was opened in January 2016, at the request of many of her patients, with the mission of providing high-quality care to save patients time and money to get them back to doing the things they love without pain, fear, or embarrassment.

Amy attended Indiana University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1996, and then went on to receive her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Utica College.  Amy has a passion for learning and has attended numerous specialty continuing education courses, which allows her to provide the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment to her clients. During her free time, Amy enjoys spending quality time with her family, taking her dog Cooper on walks, vacationing near the ocean with her husband, exercising, leisurely reading, and enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

Jordan Heiniger, PT, DPT


Dr. Jordan Heiniger was in high school when she made the decision to become a physical therapist. She had a deep desire to spend quality, one-on-one time with patients allowing her to build connections with her patients and maximize their recovery. Jordan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science at Taylor University and then went on to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Heiniger learned about specialized Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy during physical therapy school and was amazed at how many pelvic health conditions specialized pelvic physical therapists evaluate and treat. She was upset by the many diagnoses that people regularly do not discuss in the community or believe are unavoidable/untreatable as a result of childbirth. Dr. Heiniger was very dedicated to the pursuit of this specialty through mentorship, research, and continuing education, both during physical therapy school and after.

Dr. Heiniger is passionate about making sure her patients feel heard and valued, and she strongly believes that knowledge and understanding are the first steps toward healing. Her practice has evolved throughout her career with emphasis on evaluating and treating orthopedic dysfunction contributing to pelvic floor dysfunction. She loves evaluating and supporting women during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period, and she is also especially passionate about helping clients navigate pelvic pain conditions. Dr. Heiniger’s patients frequently state how comfortable they feel while discussing highly personal issues.

Jordan grew up in Indiana and moved to Carmel after graduating from physical therapy school. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys exercising, spending time outdoors, watching TV, and exploring local coffee shops and restaurants with her fiancé. She values quality time with family and friends and building her community in Indy. She recently completed her first Olympic triathlon, and you may see her running, biking, or roller blading on the Monon!

Melissa Vargas, PT, DPT 

Dr. Melissa Vargas is a Chicagoland native who recently moved to Zionsville, IN at the end of 2021.  She has been practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2008.  As a high school athlete, she found herself in physical therapy due to a running injury. This is where she realized that she could pursue a career in healthcare that was dynamic, fun, and helped people stay active with less pain! She went on to graduate from Marquette University receiving her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. 

Melissa’s philosophy is that through individualized programs, connection, and trust, she will help empower and guide people on their journey to achieve their goals. She strongly believes in the power of manual therapy and pursuing each session with a comprehensive and holistic approach to find the root cause of dysfunction. Her practice has evolved over the years with an emphasis on treating low back pain, hip pain, SI dysfunction, and the foot and ankle.  In exploring better ways to serve her patients, she began coursework on treating pelvic health conditions. With this she found a new level of passion for her work, allowing her to empower people as they navigate a wide variety of conditions related to the pelvic floor that affect their daily lives. Melissa has a special interest in treating women through their pregnancy and postpartum stages to overcome pelvic pain, dysfunction, and return to activity. She recently completed her certification as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist. As a mom of three, she understands the challenges and victories that can be achieved with the right care.

Melissa has always had a passion for working with runners and will utilize return to running strategies as well as video gait analysis. She has completed several half marathons and a couple of marathons, her second being the Chicago Marathon at 10 months postpartum from her firstborn! She loves mental and physical challenges and is fascinated with what the body can achieve.  Melissa is also bilingual and is able to speak conversational Spanish. 

Outside of the clinic, you can typically find Melissa spending time with her husband and 3 young children, exploring the Indianapolis area, listening to a good podcast, or enjoying a cup of coffee at the local cafe. Melissa is proud to be a part of the Restore Your Core Physical Therapy team and is looking forward to building long-standing relationships to better serve those in the community!

Meredith Salas PT, DPT

Dr. Meredith Salas started her journey to become a PT because she believed it would be the profession where she could have the most individualized time with her patients. About halfway through PT school, she also had her eyes opened to the wonders of Pelvic Floor therapy. As the only person in her graduating class who already had a child, she realized how life-changing therapy could be for pregnant and post-partum women, and as soon as she graduated, she started taking classes to grow her knowledge in pelvic floor therapy. As she continued learning, she continued realizing how needed and transformative it could be to address some of the issues that no one ever talks about, and her passion grew to include all ages and genders. Also having a firm foundation in orthopedics, she began to see how important it is to address the whole body together – not only one portion. Meredith is excited to be a part of Restore Your Core Physical Therapy, where clinicians not only spend significant time one-on-one with patients, but also have the ability to treat in a holistic manner to best maximize each patient’s health and achieve their goals.

Meredith loves getting to know new people, and enjoys tackling a challenge, so no matter how big or small the problem, she will help come up with a plan that is reasonable, understandable, and workable with the patient’s current needs. She loves being a cheerleader, and has been known to accidentally clap or dance for her patients when they make strides in their recovery, and gently remind them of the truths of recovery or encourage them when they feel they are not making the expected progress. Her goal is to continue learning and building a better understanding of the human body, in all facets and stages of life, throughout her entire career so that she can better help others understand their bodies and live life to their fullest without fear of re-injury or reoccurring pain.

Meredith grew up in Fishers and as an adult has moved to the East side of Indy, where she resides with her husband, Roy, and two children, Maya and Santiago. She met her husband at the University of Indianapolis, where she attended both for her undergraduate degree, as well as her doctorate. On the weekends, she enjoys family time, especially outdoors – hiking, biking, taking walks, sledding, building snow forts, and more! She also is known to get very invested in reading a good fantasy or murder mystery book, and has a slight obsession with all things Legend of Zelda (yes, the video game franchise). She is glad to now have Restore Your Core Physical Therapy added to the exciting adventures in her life, and can’t wait to meet and learn about the new people walking in the door!

Kathy Forsythe

Administrative Assistant

Kathy joined Restore Your Core Physical Therapy as Administrative Assistant in May 2021. She worked with Dr. Amy Robison in two other successful physical therapy practices over the years where she assisted with patients, operations, and billing. She is a native of Indiana and is from the Indianapolis Area. She currently resides in the Washington D.C. Metro Area with her husband and pets.
She has many years of administrative, operations, medical assisting, and sales experience. She is a graduate of Med Tech College with an A.A.S. in Medical Assisting.

She has a passion for people and taking care of them whether their needs be medical or otherwise. She is there for the patient to make sure that their physical therapy journey is a very pleasant one, whether that be greeting you on the phones, scheduling your care, or answering questions that you might have about our physical therapy services

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and pets along with doing all things historical that there are to do in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

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Restore Your Core has been the best PT experience I’ve ever had! The Physical Therapists are exceptional AND exceptionally knowledgeable. Not only that, I’ve never been treated with such personable, warm and friendly Therapists before. I worked with 2 Physical Therapists and they both put me at ease the very first day. This is about who they are, not just the treatment they provide.

Does their therapy work? YES! Do they make you FEEL confident you will get better? You bet! And I did get better. The thing is, I’ve been to PT where I’ve FELT like a number. But, not here at Restore Your Core. Why?–They LISTEN. They understand. And they ENCOURAGE. And we laugh, which always helps relax me.

Each week when I’d visit them they would listen, reassure and apply their physical treatments which would continually and consistently improve my condition week after week after week.

Having had 2 hip arthroscopy surgerys with labral tears and all the pain and tightness along with it, I was desperate for relief by the time I found Restore Your Core. They were correct in their assessment that all my pain was coming from my pelvic floor. They knew exactly how to treat it. The results have been a blessing to see.

The out-of-Network treatment they provide far surpasses any in-network PT I’ve been to throughout the years. I’m so happy with the decision I made to work with them!