Male Pelvic Health

Healing Starts Here

As a young guy dealing with pelvic dysfunction, I went from athletic to sedentary. I couldn't believe the agony of pain and widespread trouble it caused. I was fearful that anything I did would make pain worse and felt like I'd never be normal again. I went to other physical therapists before but there was more I needed in order to get better....

...but I'm so relieved that I'm feeling better and no longer in despair. I'm jogging again and feel I can better manage my condition with what I've learned.

Common bladder issues include leaking, frequent urination, urinary urgency, pain with bladder emptying, a feeling of incomplete emptying, and needing to strain to start or finish bladder emptying. These problems can affect anyone at any age and can occur during pregnancy, after childbirth, after surgeries, due to a fall, and due to diagnoses, such as endometriosis and interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome.
We can help you normalize your bladder function!

You may experience a few or several of these symptoms, symptoms may be constant or intermittent, and you may feel like the symptoms continue to multiply over time.

  • Hesitant urine stream (also known as ‘shy bladder’)
  • Feeling of incomplete emptying
  • Post void dribbling
  • Straining to start or finish urination
  • Waking up multiple times at night to urinate
  • Weak urine stream
  • Difficulty initiating the urine stream
  • Urine stream starts and stops
  • Bladder pain before, during and after urination
  • Urethral pain before, during and after urination
  • Pelvic pain, pressure, cramping
  • Pain, burning, aching during orgasm
  • Pain during erection
  • Inability to get and/or maintain full erection
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Pain that affects wiping after urinating or bowel movement
  • Inability to wear tight fitting clothing (underwear, jeans, work out pants)
  • Pain with sitting (work, meals, movies, travel, bike riding)
  • Having hard stools or thin stools
  • Straining to initiate or complete bowel movements
  • Experiencing pain before, during, or after bowel movements
  • Feeling like there is stool present but unable to evacuate stool
  • Feeling bloated
  • Experiencing abdominal pain/discomfort
  • Needing to digitally remove stool
  • Repeatedly changing positions during bowel movements to empty
  • Fecal smearing/staining
  • Heaviness or pressure in the pelvis
  • Pain, achiness, sharpness, stinging, and/or itching during or after a bowel movement
  • POP-I will get to this
  • Endometriosis- I will get to this

3 phases of treatment to help YOU live your life
without pain, fear, or embarrassment


Determining the ‘underlying why’ for your symptoms to create an effective treatment plan and restore function


Treating all of the contributing factors, retraining the neuromuscular system, and decreasing pain to allow you to return to activities.


Challenging your body and optimizing your pelvic health to allow you to return to exercise and allow you to meet your BIG goals.

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Hear it from others:

The out-of-Network treatment they provide far surpasses any in-network PT I’ve been to throughout the years. I’m so happy with the decision I made to work with them!
Restore Your Core has been the best PT experience I’ve ever had! The Physical Therapists are exceptional AND exceptionally knowledgeable. Not only that, I’ve never been treated with such personable, warm and friendly Therapists before. I worked with 2 Physical Therapists and they both put me at ease the very first day. This is about who they are, not just the treatment they provide.
I started having an unexplainable pain in my groin area in 2009, I went to doctor after doctor, specialist, urologist you name it I went, but nothing was helped. In 2019 my urologist told me there was nothing that he could do for me, then he went on to suggest that I try physical therapy. He gave me RESTORE YOUR CORE PT phone number. I was very disappointed and desperate so I called and made an appointment. At first I had to go every month. After four months, I started to go every other month, six months later started going once every four months. Now I’m pain free. I only go twice a year for maintenance.